Ionic that I’m a believer?

Calum Liptrot

I am going to preface this post by stating that I am no scientist, I don’t understand atoms, modules or whatever, even those science models with the sticks and balls on it, to me, they just look like someone failed badly making a homemade abacus!

However, my post Isn’t It Ionic, stirred up a bit of controversy, particularly with one commenter who is a sceptic, and you know, that is ok, I am not here to bash you John, but I wanted to start a whole new post for the potential sceptics.  The world would be a boring place if we all believed in the same thing….just sayin!

Some people who are non-believers, want solid concrete proof that tourmaline (which is the substance used in the Ionic-Band) does in fact have health benefits.  I can’t give you that proof.  All I can say is from my point of view, someone who has suffered with chronic pain for 2yrs, who only recently was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease known better as Rheumatoid Arthritis, who is now facing the rest of her life living with a potentially debilitating illness rattling with various painkillers and drugs.  Who is still very young herself and has very young active children, and I have absolutely no choice but to smile…or, as the saying goes ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ but inside I am in sheer agony and all I want to do is just sleep the day away but for my kids sake, I can’t.  I don’t want to, for as long as I possibly can, want my kids memories riddled with a crippled mother.

I hate despise taking medication. I don’t even like taking vitamins! But from hereon in, I have no choices, I need medications, painkillers, anti-inflammatories

I have often sat at night, literally in tears, wondering why I have been struck down with this, I don’t (now) smoke, I very rarely drink, I run, kickbox, swim, in between making it to the gym for core strengthening workouts.

But in all this, NO DOCTOR, NO SCIENTIST, NO EXPERT can tell me why, why people suddenly for no reason have their immune system attack them.  Science does not have an answer as to why certain illnesses hit people.  But, we, as the suffers have to take it as gospel? But if  science does not have an answer as to why various non medicated drugs/gadgets work, we are not allowed to believe in them, instead its placebo? (reader, imagine me right now shrugging my shoulders in *disbelief* as that is what I am doing!)

I had Bells Palsy earlier this year, again, there is no clear reason as to why I got that illness, it happened, the proof was there to see.  You can see my videos if you want.  I saw 3 different doctors when I had that episode, not one could tell me why Bells Palsy hit, they could only guess!

My other point, non medical is this.  There are millions of people in this world that follow Christianity (for example) they believe in God, they pray, they study bibles, they preach the word, but there is no concrete evidence that God actually exists, but still people choose to belive.

Not long ago, in fact May 21st this year, people believed that the world was going to end.  I made light of the fact many times on my Facebook, looking forward to rapture as I was planning a big looting of  gadgets and hopefully, finally get my mac airbook!  Joking aside, my point is people believed it.

There is no concrete evidence that ghosts exists, but again, thousands of people in this world choose to believe and some, even stated that they themselves have seen ghosts.  But because a ‘sceptic’ has not seen it with their own eyes, they make their own choice to scoff at the believer, demanding evidence.

Overdue, pregnant mothers, for years, believe that drinking raspberry leaf tea would induce labour (I was one of them!) again, no scientific proof that it does in fact do so, but many women swear by it.  For me, it did nothing, except make me pee!

For years, people have used herbs to heal ailments, long before conventional doctors where around, long before penicillin was ever invented, people used what earth has given us, instead of chemical infused drugs.  Tourmaline is also what the earth has given us and has been used for centuries, back then people believed in its healing properties.

My point in this post is that we will always have a world of believers and sceptics and its ok, its ok to bring up a healthy debate if you are passionate about something, however I wont stand for being put down.  For my belief is that as a sufferer of chronic pain, placebo or not, my aches and pains have improved significantly since wearing the band, and I will stand by and support this, and unless you are not even prepared to try it, then frankly you can not tell me I am wrong.

Make of it as you will, and I will make of it as I will :)

The End!

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