Ionic Balance FAQ

Can I get my Ionic Balance band wet?

Yes, the band is waterproof - many of our users are swimmers, surfers, water-skiers etc and most of our users never take them off!

How often can I wear my Ionic Balance band?

24hrs a day if possible.

What is an Ionic Balance band made of?

The bands are made of medical grade silicone to which our own high concentration negative ion powder formula is added.

How many negative ions does an Ionic Balance band emit?

The formula we use allows our bands to emit up to 4421 negative ions per cm³.

I can't wear anything on my arms at work, what are my options?

The band should be within 1 inch of your body so our advice is to put your wristband in your pocket, wear it on a neck chain, get a larger size to fit your ankle or even put it in your sock!

What size band should I buy? How snugly should it fit?

How tight you wear the band is based on personal preference. Some people like to wear it loose and able to move, some like it to fit snugly and not move during sports. Measure around your wrist using a piece of string or tape measure then purchase the closest size to your actual wrist size. If you like a loose fit, select the next larger size than the actual measurement.

Can I wear an Ionic Balance band while pregnant?

Yes, as it does not contain any magnets it is perfectly safe to wear while pregnant.

I have a pacemaker, can I wear an Ionic Balance band?

Yes, as it does not contain any magnets it is perfectly safe to wear.

Can I wear more than one Ionic Balance band?

Yes, but we would not recommend wearing more than two. You would end up getting a higher dose of negative ions than you would in ideal natural sources of negative ions.

Can I wear an Ionic Balance band on my ankle?

Yes, you will need the appropriate size, which may be bigger than for your wrist. Bear in mind that due to the low stretch of our bands it may be difficult to fit over the foot.

Is an Ionic Balance Band only suitable for sport?

No, people from all walks of life can wear an Ionic Balance Band.

Is an Ionic Balance band similar to other power bands?

No. Absolutely not. The main principle of an Ionic Balance Band is Negative Ions. Most "power bands" don't emit Negative Ions and those that do emit such a small amount the health benefits are almost negligible! See our comparison videos on out Youtube channel for direct comparisons.

Why is there a mylar hologram on the Ionic Balance wristband?

This is purely for aesthetics and authentication purposes and shows the Ionic Balance logo.

How long will the band emit negative ions for?

As the negative ion emitting Tourmaline we put in our bands has been emitting negative ions for thousands of years, it won't stop anytime soon!

Could I have a "reaction" to the band?

Our product is made of surgical silicon rubber and is safe for most people. However, we do not recommend these products if you are severely allergic to silicone or rubber products.

Why do you sell cream coloured bands and not white ones?

Due to the fact that we add so much negative ion powder to the silicone it is impossible to produce a clinical white item. This is a good thing as it is plain to see that you are getting a genuine product.