About Us


The Genuine Ionic Balance band – Fitness You Wear! We wanted to create something that was simple, stylish, affordable, colourful, fun, durable and with the latest in personal ionic technology to give everything you need to boost your active life style and beat the daily grind! We continue to lead the way in personal Negative Ion products both in the UK and Worldwide.

Company Overview

Ionic Balance has a large worldwide presence. We are a forward thinking company constantly innovating to stay at the forefront of the personal negative ion product market. We have strong ethical, ecological and social responsibilities. We lead where others follow. We manufacture unique innovative products for the sports performance market.

Utilising the unique properties of the gemstone Tourmaline in our unique proprietary active formula, an Ionic Balance Band emits Negative Ions, Alpha Waves and Far Infrared Rays.


Read our Report for Double Blind Placebo Crossover Human Clinical Study of the Efficacy of the Ionic Balance Band here.

We are currently in the phase 2 of our human clinical trials. No other company has invested so much in research and development of Ionic products.

Ionic Balance is one of the few companies that makes a point of showing user feedback and has formed the Team Ionic community where users share their success stories using our products. With a 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee on ALL products there really is nothing to lose by trying one for yourself.