Fakes / Scams

Buyer Beware

Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous companies out there that sell either counterfeit items or products that have no health benefits whatsoever. Many have bogus claims, and usually lack any sort of scientific evidence to back up these claims.

Ionic Balance bands are different to other silicone bracelets. Most bracelets don't contain any negative ion emitting ingredients or can't be backed up by any scientific evidence. Thus the media are having a field day with so called "scam" bracelets. Of the companies that do produce negative ion bracelets, most will try to put as little tourmaline or negative ion emitting ingredients as possible to save costs but still be able to claim that the bracelet has negative ion properties. We have the opposite approach where we try to cram as much tourmaline into our wristbands as we possibly can.

You only have to google "power band scam" and you will find many articles featuring holographic silicone bands. Note that none of the articles are aimed at negative ion bands. A mylar holographic silicone band costs much less to produce than a negative ion wristband as they have no negative ion emitting properties.

We only sell via the Ionic Balance website and our authorised retailers.

How Other Companies Fake the Balance Tests

The Twister

Do this one first. Done quickly enough it is very convincing. Be sure to move onto the next effect asap.

Ask your subject to stand with feet together with their right arm outstretched in front of them, palm down. Have your subject twist to the right, from the waist, as far around as they can go (Fig. A) When they reach the point where they stop, place the band on the back of their out stretched hand, or snap it on their wrist, and ask them to go a bit further around (Fig. B) Amazingly they will be able to!
A (less convincing) variation on this is to have them touch their toes, pause, put the band on their back and ask them to go lower.

The Twister
The Deal

The Deal

Surprisingly simple and sneaky.

Without the band ask you subject to stand with their feet together with arms at the their side. Have them turn one hand palm out and cup their fingers up. Stand side by side with you friend put your fist in their cupped hand like you are trying to pass them something without everyone noticing. Tell them to ‘try’ to resist you (implying that they won’t be able to). Push down and slightly away from them (Fig. A) this should pull them off balance. Now have them put on the band and repeat the test telling them to resist, except this time push down and slightly towards your subject (Fig. B). Amazingly it
should be impossible to unbalance your friend!

The Scarecrow

Shockingly effective.

(Though not illustrated, this effect is best practiced with one hand on your friends shoulder – this will give you more control.)
Without the band ask your subject to stand, arms outstretched to either side, balancing on one leg. In the same way as the The Deal push down and slightly away (Fig. A) while telling your subject to ‘do their best’ to resist you. They will fall off balance easily. Then, with the band on your friend's wrist and a hand firmly on the shoulder push down and slightly toward your subject. Amazingly your friend will be able to stand strong!

The Scarecrow
You're Nicked

You're Nicked

Now you have their trust, lock it in.

Without the band ask your friend to stand in front of you facing away, feet together, with hands behind their back, fingers interlaced, palms up. Stand 60-90cm (2-3ft) behind your subject and push down and slightly away (Fig. A). When they fall backwards DO NOT let them hit the ground. Protect their head!
Then, with the band on your friends wrist repeat the test only this time push down and slightly towards your subject (Fig. B). Amazingly they will not fall over!

Thanks to the SkepticBros website for this information showing how these "tests" are done.

Brand Protection

At Ionic Balance, we are totally committed to providing our customers with products of the highest quality. It seems however that some people like our products so much that they fake them, or make products which are so similar to our designs that they look like ours. These fakes and copycats aren't approved by us.

Counterfeiting is a criminal activity and can warrant legal action. Simple as that. Copycat products are just as bad. Our reputation for high quality is important to us and the unauthorised use of our brand to produce and sell counterfeit or copycat Ionic Balance products is unacceptable. These products are often mistaken for the genuine article and are usually of inferior quality.

As such, we will not tolerate those who deal in counterfeit or copycat Ionic Balance products. Where appropriate, we will pursue all legal remedies that are available to us, including commencing legal proceedings or involving Trading Standards where we think this is necessary, to prevent counterfeiting of Ionic Balance products and misuse of our brand and designs.

Should you have any information regarding counterfeit Ionic Balance products or misuse of our brand or designs, then we would like to hear from you.

You can call us on 0843 28 98 120 or you can drop us an email at shop@ionic-balance.com. We appreciate any help or assistance you are able to offer to help us put an end to this illegal activity.