Calum Liptrot

UK Company Makes Massive Breakthrough in Personal Fitness Technology

Ionic Balance are the creators and sole manufacturers of the Ionic Balance Band. The company started from very humble beginnings, with inventor and entrepeneur Calum Liptrot investing his life savings into the research and development of his product and at first it was based in his home.

“I wanted to make something simple, stylish, affordable, colourful, fun, and durable to boost people’s active life styles and beat the daily grind.” - Calum Liptrot

Ionic Balance Signature Band

What he had created was the MK1 Ionic Balance Band. The premise of the Ionic Balance Band is to emit Negative Ions (anions), Far Infrared Rays and Alpha Waves. This is achieved by the proprietary formula which is added during the manufacturing process. These properties are then absorbed by the wearer. A few years on and along with a complement of other sporting performance products the MK2 Ionic Balance Band was engineered with a unique Proprietary Tourmaline hybrid formula which is integrated into the wristband. The next phase after the improvement to the product was to prove the fantastic results the band gives.

“There are many so called fitness/health bands on the market but none have any supporting evidence that the products themselves. We commissioned Dr Tully and her team to quantify in real terms some of the physical benefits and to legitimise our specific product - the Ionic Balance Band. We opted for this Crossover trial in which all test subjects wore both Active and Placebo bands to prove beyond doubt the efficacy of our Bands." - Calum Liptrot

The Ionic Balance Band is proven to improve Flexibility, Strength, Balance and Endurance.

“A human clinical study examined the efficacy of the Ionic Balance Band to increase flexibility, strength, balance and endurance in 16 healthy subjects. Results demonstrate that the Ionic Balance Band significantly increases performance (up to 92%) in every test of flexibility, balance, strength and endurance that was conducted. In addition, over a 20% increase in energy was reported.” - Lisa Tully, PhD

Now that the testing has been completed this product is set to revolutionise the fitness technology industry. This is the first product of its kind to ACTUALLY be proven to work! Read the full Scientific Report here. Ionic Balance are very excited to be pushing the boundaries of fitness technology - changing peoples perceptions and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. Ionic Balance is not just about products, it is about being active, getting out there and having fun and we wanted to create a community that reflected this where users can share their experiences with our products - check out our Team Ionic Facebook page to see what everyone is talking about.

The Ionic Balance Company Profile can be read here.

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