Isn't it Ionic!

Calum Liptrot

I wanted to post yesterday, but didn’t get round to it.  My husbando was invited to the Golf Scottish Open, hospitality, need I say more…..caranage.

So I had to entertain my kiddies myself, they both do Taekwondo and thankfully, their Instructor is running a summer camp for the first two weeks of the summer holidays.  All hail Mr Mair!

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about these babies!!

Ionic Balance Band

Readers, seriously, these babies, are my new best friends! They are called Ionic Balance Bands and I think everyone in the entire world should be wearing one, like we are all from some kind of sci-fi movie, without Ewen MacGregor in it *sigh*

I noticed nearly every second person in my hometown wearing one of these bands, and at first I thought they were just another fashion fad.  Even one of my friends little 8yr old girl had one on and she told me it gave her energy, but frankly, that child has bundles of energy anyway and I kind of smiled and said ‘Oh yeah?’

On Monday evening, I was at my kids Taekwondo class, and I noticed a friend wearing one of these bands and I just asked her why were all these people wearing these bands, what the heck is it about.

She told me she got the band a couple of weeks ago and that since wearing it she has been sleeping better, how on earth can a band help you sleep!?!?

She proceeded to tell me that the band contains a mineral of sorts in the band, she didn’t understand how it works, but she notices a huge difference in her everyday living, she suggested I googled it.

I did, and reader, I really really suggest you have a look at the website too.

I suffer from insomnia, I am really lucky if I get 5hrs solid sleep, that’s on a good night, I go to bed exhausted every.single.night, but as soon as my head hits the pillow its like my brain is on 100 miles an hour and the off switch doesn’t work.  So if a bracelet was going to help me sleep, then why not!

When I saw what the band claims to offer, particularly what it could offer me….Faster recovery (my fractured ankle) Improved mood, reduce fatigue, deeper sleep, and most importantly Enhanced Immune Function, all these symptoms are linked to my Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is of course is an Autoimmune disease.  So, if this was claiming to aid the Immune Function then dammit, I want a piece of  it.

looking more into the site and the company Facebook page I discovered so much praise and claims for this little wonder, that I needed to get one more and more.

The next morning I dropped the kids of at their summer camp and I legged it across town to a retailer I know personally.  I got myself a small band, a nice girly cream one with purple writing.

My girly band, not the best pic, taken from my Iphone!

It was put on my arm immediately.  Keith, who sold me the band (Who is also a personally friend) wears a black one himself, he said that he noticed a big difference in his sleep around 2wks after he wore it.  You don’t take the band off EVER!  You wear it in the shower, bath, whatever you are doing wear your band.  For whatever reason you can’t wear your band, eg,  for work purposes, you can have it in your pocket, as long as it’s no more than an inch from your skin :)

I went merrily on my way.

The next morning, for the first time in 3wks, I woke up feeling fresh, the  main difference was the fact when I rose from my bed my joints were moving freely.  I still had discomfort, but definitely not the chronic pain I had been experiencing for 3 wks solid.

The proof  would be in the pudding, I know from experience my chronic pain would hit around 7pm when I get a chance to sit down after my busy day. I sat down with a cup of tea and watched my usual suspects, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and then Eastenders.

I realised at 8pm ish that I had NO PAIN! Discomfort absolutely but it was bearable.

The next morning I was the same, I had discomfort again, but no pain, I actually have reduced my pain killers, which was playing havoc with my stomach, I was and still am amazed at this little band. So much so I left a comment on the Ionic Balance Facebook Page

It was only when I looked further into the Facebook page, I discovered that this product is actually a local based company.  Which explained why every second person I know is wearing the band.

I really wanted to do a review on the band, as I said, I personally think everyone should be wearing one, (If you have access to the Scottish Open you will notice there are a few golfers wearing the band) not only has it helped alivate the chronic pain I have been experiencing, I have noticed a difference with my kickboxing.  Within 48hrs of wearing my band there is more strength in my kicks and punches, and for the first time in a long time I have raised the height of my kicks.

I needed to review this product, so I contacted the company to ask if I could borrow the image (of the stacked bands) and other images they have.

Calum, the owner, contacted me right away and gave me permission, he also wanted to contact me personally.

He called me straight away and I praised his band no end, reader, it is so hard to explain what it can do for you, you don’t feel zaps of energy going through you and it’s not all ‘voodoo’ But your overall feeling, your energy and your state of mind does improve.  I guess you need to wear it to believe it, seriously.

Calum explained to me about the gemstone which is in the band, its called tourmaline. Tourmaline is also known as ‘Electric Stone’ it produces Negative Ions, you can read more about Negative Ions on the Ionic Balance Site.  Calum explained it as ‘Winds of Change’ the band is charged by daylight, and cleansed by moonlight.

What I am amazed at is Calum came up with the idea in December, I had to query that, December just past? Yes, he said, December 2010, he then said as soon as he got the idea, he started researching it, and on March this year he went live with his product.  In the space of 4 months, we have well known sport celebrities wearing the band and over 13,000 likes on the Facebook page, that reader, speaks volumes!!

I am in No Way affiliated to Ionic-Balance, I am just a consumer that was, and still is, impressed by this band. And I have been recommending it to everyone I know, whether you have health issues or not (my husband got one too, in black, and he is healthy!).  Calum has told me that he will ship worldwide with free shipping! He has so much faith (as have I) he has a 14 day money back guarantee on his product.  I really think you must have a look at the shop, there is a colour for everyone :)

I will definitely keep you updated with my progress, I am seeing my Rhuematologist on August 10th and will be keen to share my experiences with him, and, if you do get a band, let me (and Calum, you can contact him both on Facebook and his site) know how you get on with it, I would love to hear your experiences too!

Happy Banding :)

Thank you to Calum from for the use of his image

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