I am Ionic Woman

Calum Liptrot

So, if you have been following along with me over the past few months, you will remember my love off Ionic Balance Bands, if you havent read my posts just click on the link here to read them, (psst, these are my PERSONAL views on the bands).

I have absolute belief that this band is helping me, with my Lupus, I know, there will be sceptics out there, and that is ok.  I am not going to argue/debate about this because it is my belief and no-one is going to convince me I am wrong.  I am not going to convince paranormal fanatics that ghosts don’t exist.  Many many patients who suffer from an illness will try various alternative therapies, for me, I chose and have faith in the Ionic Band.

The band has not cured my illness, which includes chronic pain and fatigue.  It has however, made the pain more bearable to live with.  Strangely, it seemed to affect one side of my body.  I wear the band on my right hand, and I noticed that the right side felt considerable better than my left side.

Recently, I was contacted by the Company Director of Ionic Balance Band who wanted me to try wearing another band.  I received the band from a friend who retails them that day.  Around about day 10 of wearing the second band (which I wear on my left wrist, amazingly!! :D ) I have noticed a considerable difference in my pain.  I did suffer one side effect from wearing 2 bands, but I persevered with it…I suffered some dizziness, which resulted in some nausea, this lasted 3 days, after which time I noticed the left side of my body feel much better, much more subtle and most importantly, less pain.

last week, I took both my bands off, as I was attending a family wedding, I opted to wear a magnetic bracelet which is designed to look like costume jewelry with a bit of bling.  By the time I got home at ‘ridiculous o’clock’  I was crippled in pain, maybe because I was drinking a lot of wine/champagne/Morgans! and dancing to the ceilidh band…Hey, I am from West Scotland, it’s the law to have copious amounts of alcohol and dance jigs!! ;)

The next morning I put my bands straight back on, it took around 4 days before the pain subsided,  in fact, yesterday was when I felt ‘normal’ again I could not do my kickboxing classes as I was so sore and stiff, when I am in bad pain, my fingers will lock kind of giving them a webbed look.

But for the first time, in around 4 months, both sides of my body feel great now, I will say I have started medication now, but have been told it will take at least 12wks before I will notice any effect.  I am on wk 3 with the meds.  Yes I still get sore, but as I have said, and Ionic Balance Bands have claimed, these wont cure me, but my pain is definitely more bearable.

I am, now, Ionic Woman!!  I really have nothing bad to say about these bands, for me, they have given me back my life.

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