Cutting Edge Design has Worldwide Appeal

Calum Liptrot

We at Ionic Balance pride ourselves on not only a product that works but one that is aesthetically pleasing – both fashionable and functional. Our newest and most exciting band in our new MK2 range is our Signature Band. We are a Scottish based company and we believe in supporting other local businesses employing local people wherever possible.
So when it came to designing our new wristband we looked to the Highlands and found our star in Jamie McMahon. Jamie (22) is from Thurso and had just graduated after studying Product Design at The University of Dundee. We wanted something that was unlike anything out there but was still functional and that would hold our brand standards - it was not an easy task. After 6 months of collaboration with our R&D team, we now have the most exciting ionic health band on the market today.

Jamie who is also a product designer and developer for Spaceright Europe based in Glasgow said:

“My inspiration came from me wanting to create a band which had an organically flowing design, which stood out from other bands in the market. Something which would look like it was a fashion accessory, but was robust enough to be used on a daily basis.”

We launched our new Signature Band on Friday the 24th of February 2012 and the uptake has been massive. It is such a rewarding accomplishment to take a locally engineered product and launch it globally with thousands of wearers around the world!

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